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Portrait Vanda Spengler

Vanda Spengler


Vanda Spengler was born in Switzerland in 1982 into a whimsical and loving family of words. Her grandmother is the feminist novelist Régine Deforges. "She gave me a taste for transgression and freedom of expression.Nudity has always been simple, the relationship to the body without taboos.I knew very early that the image would be my medium of choice" . Passionate about cinema, it is through this prism that she discovered photography. Advancing alone in this new discipline, the Narcissus live, she explores the self-portrait, naked. The need to capture the other bodies in what they have most gross and unbalanced has imposed itself on her. His fight is now to highlight the diversity of these bodies.

Oeuvres en situation

Origines 3 dans un salon
Vertigo 5 dans une chambre

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